Uggs: Hot or Not?

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   Almost every teenage girl owns, or has once owned, a pair of Ugg boots. This expensive, Australian footwear line has gained the nickname “Ugg-lies” by some, while others embrace its comfort and style. While this fashion trend is popular with girls, many boys are puzzled by it. Josh Riley (12) charmingly states, “I have never worn Uggs but they look comfortable, but people need to remember not to stress over clothes because it is what is on the inside that makes a girl beautiful.” Often, Uggs are categorized as the high boots worn solely by girls, but many males wear the Ugg brand in the form of moccasins or slippers. Even though some are puzzled by the brands success, sales continue and more than a handful of pairs are seen on girls’ feet in the hallway. Allison Neureither (10) exclaims, “I love Uggs! They are so comfortable and cute. I would wear them everyday if I could!” Many others share Neureither’s opinion by adding their own touch to one of this decades’ most popular trend. Celebrities, such as Britney Spears, have worn Ugg boots with short skirts; while some tuck their jeans into their Uggs. Even though many embrace the popularity of this hit style, others are strongly opposed to the cult-like following of these boots. Carly Saber (10) is adamant in saying, “Uggs are completely ‘Ugg-ly’ and should only be worn in your house. They bring down your overall look and make you look sloppy, just like if you come to school in pajamas. It is not cute and it looks lazy.” Essentially, Uggs are slippers with furry lining inside, which keep your feet warm and cozy. The lack of built-in arch support also suggests they were not designed to be worn outdoors for walking. Whether you are pro-Uggs or anti-Uggs, all Americans can agree that these boots have taken the country by swarm and continue to stay popular due to their comfort and versatility.