Should Fine Arts Classes Count for Elective Credit?

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

There has been some question as to whether or not a fine arts class should count towards elective credit. According to the West High graduation requirements, all students must take a year of fine arts from a selection of classes that includes art, music theory, and ceramics. However some students see this rule as a waste because many think that instead of learning a new skill in art, their transcript is suffering as a result.

Geo Jung (12) believes having such a rule does not allow a student to take other classes and cited the budget cuts as a cause for this matter. “Because I have to take a fine arts class, I have already lost room to take other classes that I was interested in. With the budget cuts, the chance of getting into the class I want is much more difficult and may impact my other classes.” Jung also explained that some students could be at a disadvantage because of this requirement. “Some students struggle with the fine arts while others have skill. These students are able to take Advanced Placement courses in these subjects so they have an advantage.” Despite this disadvantage, he remains hopeful that the school will fix this problem.

Venkata Thota (11) thought otherwise. He thought that it should be a requirement for students to take a fine arts class. “[Students] cannot just focus on classes such as math and science. They need to show their skill in other areas. If students do not have versatility, then their transcript will not appeal to the admission [officers].” Like Jung, Thota expects the school to have some discussion about the rule, whether or not it should remain such or change.

Even though views on this issue vary from one student to another, it appears that this debate will not cease for a while. Ultimately it is up to the school to determine if this is a good policy.