Cheerleading: Fine Art or Sport?

Ann Kim, Staff Writer

There has been much debate over whether cheerleading should be categorized as a fine art or a sport. In sports, athletic and physical abilities are needed for success. The challenging routines require a great deal of effort and skill. Cheerleading should be accepted as a sport instead of fine arts.

It has been argued that cheerleading is more appropriately labeled a fine art due to the incorporation of music and dancing in the routines. However, the routines usually include strenuous activities such as tumbling, jumps, and stunts. Alisa Wang (11), a cross country athlete, said, “Cheerleading is a sport because it doesn’t require artistic abilities but it requires athleticism.”

Similarly, Vicky Wu (10) stated, “Cheerleading is a sport because you have to be physically fit and it requires a lot of work.” The routines that cheerleaders perform are demanding. They demand much time and energy. Cheerleaders need to be physically fit so that the routine can be performed successfully, similar to athletes in other sports. As Suphasuta Prajamsri (10) said,”…it’s a sport because you get a workout.”

Although, cheerleading is taken lightly in the sports world, it deserves more recognition. Cheerleading is better classified as a sport, because of the vigorous activities involved.