“New” US Strategy Used for Islamic States

Andrea Gomez, Staff Writer



  The Trump Administration decided follow a  similar strategy to the one former president, Barack Obama, had created. The only difference is that they are going to get more involved with Syria and Iraq.

  According to Washington Post, last month Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon and national security agencies to come up with a new proposal about getting more involved in Syria and Iraq, by increasing firepower and adding more troops (mostly in Syria), by late February.

  Rose Ochoa (11) said, “I don’t understand how that would help end this problem. If violence wasn’t the answer in the first place how does more violence make it better? Well, at least he’s trying to solve it.”

  However, according to US Central Command civilian fatalities are growing . It stated that it is not clear whether the deaths were caused by accidental air strikes or the Mosul battle.

  Yamini Mallipeddi (9) commented, “In my opinion, [It is] very unprofessional to have more airstrikes [as well as] send in more soldiers to go into Syria while having civilians suffer through the problem.”

  Senior Officials are mainly focussing on the Islamic State without the distractions of the Syrian Civil War. Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis said “We’re still sorting it out, [it is] not been all decided on [who is] going to do what and where. [We are] working together to sort it out.”

  Washington Post also stated that when Obama left the office, he requested for approval from the Pentagon to take over Raqqa in Syria. In response, the Syrian Kurds had a violation against the Obama administration and the government of Turkey, 

which led them to conflict. Because of this, the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called Trump and said they wanted a “fresh new start”.

  Since the phone call, the Trump administration and Turkey government made different plans for Raqqa to take over. The Trump Administration enjoys the proposal especially since it provides a “safe zone” and the Trump administration is considering to cooperate with Russia. 

  The proposal to send in more troops and the whole Raqqa in hope of solving the problem has been made and now time will tell if the it will come through.