Luminosity: A Bright Night


Art/Photo by Jeremy Lim

Aaron Barlin (12), Homecoming King, dances the traditional Homecoming dance with April Tsuei (12), Homecoming Queen.

Clara Chin, Staff Writer

With watercolor lights, lustrous dresses, and bright smiles, the homecoming dance certainly fit its theme, Luminosity.

On October 25, West High students gathered in the gym for the homecoming dance. It was dark except for colorful lights pulsing to the music. Several tables lined the edges of the dance floor with Hershey’s Kisses in jars. The hallway outside displayed black posters with glowing candles and light bulbs.

“I was especially impressed with the lights and the atmosphere,” said Kristen Hwang (12), who attended Homecoming for the first time on Saturday. She also liked the music. “The DJ did a good job of putting together songs that everyone could dance to,” said Hwang.

Some of the songs included remixes of “Rude” by Magic, “Loyal” by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and French Montana, and older hits like “Gangnam Style” by Psy, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.

Not everyone, however, was pleased with the choice of music. “There was too much hip-hop for my taste,” said Homecoming King, Aaron Barlin (12).

Though not everyone enjoyed the song choices, “there will always be complaints about the music,” remarked Kithumini Jayasiri (12), Senior Class President.

The song for the Homecoming King and Queen Dance was “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, a slow-paced, mellow piece.

This year’s Homecoming Queen is April Tsuei (12), President of CSF. Prior to the traditional dance with the Homecoming King, she brought a crown of her own and split it to share with the other Homecoming Top 5 girls, making a reference to the popular movie “Mean Girls.” Then, she shared the stage with Aaron Barlin.

“I am both indescribably shocked and grateful for being voted Homecoming King!” exclaimed Barlin.

The competition was a close call; the crowd clapped and shouted enthusiastically for all the nominees. At the dance, Sue Eriksen announced that there was only a three vote difference.

After the Homecoming Court activities, people began to feel exhausted and trickled out of the gym.

Two days after the dance, Kori Mustard (10) said, “My feet still hurt from all of the dancing. It was fun, but it also made me tired.”

Though some people who attended the dance did not particularly like small aspects of the decorations and music, it was a huge success overall; a cohesive, generally well-enjoyed dance was staged and mostly everyone had positive reviews.