Uprising Tablets

Uprising Tablets

Jeremy Lim, Staff Writer/ Photographer

   Portable devices have dominated the electronic market ever since man has desired easy accessibility to communication methods and media. With new devices keeping up with constant technological advances, the world can’t seem to get enough.

   On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, Apple, Nokia, and Microsoft released new tablets to the world.

   Apple discharged their new second generation iPad Mini and the modern iPad Air. The New iPads feature a faster A7 processor chip, drastically increasing web browsing speed. The iPad Air contains increased Wi-Fi connectivity and cuts down on weight and size of the surrounding black or white border (bezel). Apple’s Senior Vice President Philip Schiller of Worldwide Marketing stated, “The iPad Air is 72% faster than the original iPad.” Technology speeds up as we want to accomplish tasks faster as well. Kirtan Tank (11) commented, “I would buy the new iPad Mini over other tablets because I already have a lot of Apple products, so compatibility will be easy. It has retina display and the best graphics.” Similarly, Hannah Bridgeo (9) answered, “I would buy the iPad because I’m more familiar with Apple products and I know how to use them.”

   Nokia busted out the new Lumia 2520 tablet. USA Today stated it “sports a 10.1-inch HD display, a 6.7 megapixel camera, and Zeiss optics that Nokia says is a first for a tablet, promising high-quality pictures even when shot in low light.” Connected to Windows, the 2520 contains an at home feeling to users who like the Windows interface and own a Nokia Windows phone, such as the 1020. Maeve Santos (11) stated, “I would buy the Nokia since it can multi task, more visible both inside and outside, and made out of a more durable material than the other two.” Nokia has a reputation of long lasting and durable products.

   Microsoft came out with the second generation Surface and Surface Pro, both of them running with Windows 8.1. USA Today reported “the Surface now has full HD 1080 p multi-touch display and a single USB 3.0 port.” Bridging the gap between a laptop and a tablet, the Surface has an attachable full touch and type cover keyboard as well as kickstand, featuring two angles. Windows is the only company manufacturing a tablet with this unique design strategy.

   Tablet computers provide a larger screen capacity to browse the web, connect with others, and ultimately make life easier. Each product offers many useful applications to help people connect more proficiently.