Black Friday Mayhem

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

     Every year after Thanksgiving Day comes one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Black Friday is the chance for everyone to get a head start on shopping for the holidays. The mall becomes packed, lines extend through the store entrance, and people race to buy their favorite items. In addition to the chaos, many customers camp outside their favorite stores Thanksgiving night to ensure that they will be first in line. Black Friday is an annual craze for both shoppers and store employees and this year is sure to be no different.

     On Black Friday, November 23rd, Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch are reportedly selling items 40% off by means of a special code.

     Victoria’s Secret will be handing out free Tote bags that will be given to people who purchase items totaling $65 or more. Along with the tote bag, Victoria’s Secret will include four free samples of their products.

     At Forever 21, buyers can by items up to 20% off and sweaters up to 30% off. Additionally, American Eagle is having a 20% sale off of clearance items.

     At Pacsun, they are selling items up to 15% off if the items have the code BUCKS4U. On the Urban Outfitters online website, they are giving free shipping for $50 or higher purchases.

     At Levi’s, shoppers can get 30% off their total amount if they purchase three or more items.

     Macy’s has a few special Black Friday offers on beauty products. They are giving away free headphones with a $75 fragrance purchase. In addition, buyers can get a free tote bag with a qualifying Juicy Couture fragrance purchase. Lady Gaga’s Fame 4-piece perfume set is also on sale for only $79.

     From all the items and stores to choose from to buy those special holiday gifts, it can be difficult to decide where to shop and determine which stores have the best deals.

     Vanessa Esguerra (11) said, “I don’t usually shop on Black Friday, but if I do I would go to Urban Outfitters or Levis because they are usually very expensive but on Black Friday the prices are usually 50% off.” Black Friday is one of the best days to go shopping because the prices become much lower than the regular prices.

     Like a lot of teenage girls, Abigail Gonzalez (11) said, “On Black Friday I shop at Forever 21 because they have really nice clothes and they’re pretty cheap.”

     With Black Friday having some of the best deals, some people may enjoy shopping at more than one store. Clarissa Graves (11) said, “On Black Friday I’m going to shop at Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, and Hollister.”

     Black Friday is one of the busiest and stressful shopping days of the year, but it is a time one can find their most desired item at the cheapest prices. Some people will shop from sunrise to sunset just to find those special gifts. Shop until you drop!