Zombies and Leprechauns Invade West High

Kevin JB Kim, Staff Writer

Horrifying monsters, delicate fairies, superheroes, villains, and famous movie characters came to West High this week. The annual Halloween Costume Contest during lunch in front of the library attracted many entries, all of which won candy despite how they placed.

When asked why he was dressed as a samurai, Matthew Mizuta (11) replied, “I am Japanese and I had traditional Japanese clothes which were perfect for a samurai costume. The costume was really last minute.” Zach Trudeau (10), winner of “Funniest Costume”, was dressed as the Lucky Charms ® leprechaun. Trudeau stated, “I am a dwarf, so the leprechaun costume is a perfect character for me.” Lucky Charms is my favorite cereal.” Rachel Winterer (10), winner for “Creative Costume”, smiled in joy as she won. The “Scary Costume” winner was the mysterious Slenderman, whose face was concealed. Lastly, Xia Rashid (12) won “Best Overall” in the competition. Even though Jackie Pan (10) did not win, Pan was not disappointed and stated simply that his Mormon costume was “dope and stylish.” Many students competed in the costume contest with unique costumes such as the Bleach anime costume that Yeaseong Lee (11) wore. Lee stated, “I like anime. By wearing this costume, I can express my love for anime!” Other crazy costumes could be seen throughout campus, like the dinosaur costume that Erica Torres (10) wore. Torres stated, “I wore the dinosaur costume since it was the most comfortable costume I had. Rawr!”

Most students showed their Halloween spirit by dressing up in funny, scary, and creative costumes and participating in the West High’s Halloween Costume Contest.