Goodbye Summer, Hello West High

Photo Credits: Google Images

Photo Credits: Google Images

Clara Chin, Staff Writer

West High School students ran about the campus with their fate printed on pink schedules last Thursday, September 4th, the first day of school.

Day One is busy and exciting for everyone. However, it’s especially hectic for new students like Francisco De Leon (12), who just transferred from South High School. While most students at least know where their classes’ buildings are, De Leon must decipher all four digits of his classroom numbers. He finds himself “exhausted from going to and from the locker without being late.” Even between classes, he is struck by “the stress of just buying food.” For new students and summer daydreamers alike, it’s hard to get used to being on a schedule again.

Last Thursday was stressful. However, the transition from summer break to school is a great way to recharge motivation. Upperclassmen and underclassmen all have their reasons to work hard. For Alicia Garcia (12), the first day is a reminder that she only has a year left of high school. She says, “I’m trying to work extra hard in my senior year because I’m kind of anxious for college.” Freshman Sebastian Pfander (9) adds, “My goal is to try to get a 4.0 so I can play video games later.” Pfander looks forward to rewarding himself after his hard work pays off.

A new year means new classes, which also means a chance to get to know people better. Nadir Akhtar (11) says, “All the familiar faces filled me with delight.”  One of these faces is Hanna Schlosser (11), with whom he shares four classes. Now that they have more classes together, he looks forward to getting to know her outside of Speech and Debate, the only class they shared last year. Akhtar says, “I found myself around people I’d never interacted with much before.” On top of that, one of Akhtar’s teachers complemented him on his favorite space shuttle tie.

The initial back-to-school stress might at first seem overwhelming, but when it’s paired with fashion complements, the end of a great summer break, and a clean slate, the year seems like it won’t be too gloomy after all.