Hotter than 85°C

Photo Credits: Google Images

Photo Credits: Google Images

Vincent Chen, Staff Writer

 Last Friday, an up and coming Taiwanese bakery and cafe, 85°C, has opened their second South Bay franchise in Torrance. The bakery, whose name is a reference to the ideal temperature to sip hot coffee, has brought upon a multitude of edible arrangements ranging from sea salt infused coffee and teas to freshly baked pastries.

  The bakery received top notch reviews from customers, such as West High’s Julie Dao (11), who said that “85°C is like Yami’s Teahouse, with the number of people coming every single day. It’s one of the best bakeries around Torrance.” Frequent customers search for the bakery’s signature items: the “Coconut Twist,” a sweet and savory bread that consists of both coconut flakes and cream in the middle, and the plain “Pork-Sung Bread” that is made with strips of pork. Along with the savory breads, the convenient new location allows the residents of the South Bay to try out their treats without the long drive to their other bakery in Irvine. Nick Calderon (10) displayed his joy by saying,“I love 85 Degrees, I used to only get 85°C whenever I come back from San Diego, but with this new opening, now I can come and eat more bread there than before.”

  As well as pastries, the bakery also offers a wide selection of hot and cold beverages such as the sea salt coffees and boba milk teas. The hot and cold beverages is what makes the place special for some customers such as Melinda Liu (9) who stated, “The only reason I ever go to 85°C is whenever I am in Rowland Heights, Cerritos, or Irvine is only for their Sea Salt Coffee, it’s perhaps the best thing at 85.” The cafe takes on an original approach with coffee, and this special twist has garnered positive reviews as some say their beverages are what makes the bakery stand out from the others.

  85°C brings a bustling new eatery to Torrance with a wide range of sweet and savory treats. Next time you drive through the area, drop on by and rate them for yourself.