Zendaya Shakes the Stage

Zendaya Shakes the Stage

Camille Corcuera, staff writer

Zendaya Coleman, a Northern Californian with overflowing passion and talent, is the newest addition to Hollywood Records.With her booming debut album titled Zendaya hitting stores nationwide, fame is a magnet to the rising star. Her iTunes hit single, “Replay” has spread to radio stations and shopping centers everywhere. From the immediate fame to raving comments, it is undeniable that she has become the music industry’s latest teenage triple threat.

 At a young age, Coleman revealed a strong interest in theatre arts, which allowed her to demonstrate her talents. By attending multiple fine art schools, Coleman perfected her skills, discovered her passion, and gained confidence. Once she moved to Los Angeles, the doors of opportunity and possibilities opened even wider. She began her stardom as a model for Macy’s and Old Navy store ads. Later on, she featured in a Sears commercial starring Selena Gomez as a backup dancer. Coleman gained greater connections and was introduced to Disney Çhannel. Shortly after, she became one of the main stars of the hit television show Shake It Up. Since then, Coleman featured in multiple magazines and competed on Dancing with the Stars. Currently, she is expanding her fame as she tours major cities around the world.

  Recently, the seventeen year old star had the opportunity to compose and collaborate with major artists on Zendaya. With her own rap, edgy flair, and deep influences from Ciara and Miley Cyrus, she has created a quality album that has appealed to audiences worldwide. The album starts off with her up-tempo hit single “Replay”, which has attracted the musical tastes of various West High students. A tremendous admirer of Coleman, Musie Adane (9) says, “Zendaya is a great dancer and singer. Her lyrics are very beautiful, and she is extremely talented.” Yoonseo Cho (11) also enjoys her music and stated, “Zendaya and her new song Replay is really catchy, and the continuous tune and lyrics catched my ears.”  In addition, the media has been buzzing about this rising star, and MTV has even named her one of the artists to watch out for in 2013.

  Although, Coleman has shot up the fame scale, she hasn’t lost touch with who she is. She comments, “You have to come out even stronger than anyone else, and you have to work extra hard to prove yourself and prove you’re worthy of being listened to.” Nothing can hold her back or stop Zendaya as she blazes to the top. What we see now is only the beginning of her musical stardom because she is taking the world by storm one stage at a time.