Chuck Dreisler: Chuckling With Success

Erica Suh, Staff Writer

   The definition of a student is one who is engaged in learning at a school and being involved with campus opportunities. However, Chuck Dreisler (12) is no ordinary student. He is the Editor-in-Chief of West’s yearbook, President of National Honors Society (NHS), President of the Technology Student Association (TSA), President of Tutorial Club, and still maintains stellar grades in AP classes.

   As a natural-born leader, Dreisler easily took over many respected positions in West High clubs and organizations, including Speech and Debate Varsity, Freshman Focus, and Senior Class Council. However, many may ask how does he manage these difficult tasks with such self-assurance? Could it be his secret super powers, or possibly an undisclosed formula? Laughing it off, Dreisler answered that he actually only uses “schedules” but admits that he does not “really have the chance for free time or an actual life a lot of the time. Everything is literally written down if it needs to be done either now or anytime soon… And [his] view of ‘not overwhelmed’ is a little different from other people, so it might just be a good dose of denial, too.”

   Although Dreisler admits his lack of time for actual fun, he still appreciates his opportunities to positively influence other students. “I still definitely enjoy everything I do. College is just a side benefit; I actually picked out all of these clubs because of what I would get to do. Sure, the plan was to find a lot of clubs for college, but I made sure to pick activities where I can enjoy devoting time to while helping others.” Despite the fact he was first introduced to West High School as a sophomore, Dreisler was able to learn a few things that helped him push through his high school career, some of which included “time management and prioritization skills. These were, without doubt, something that [he] had to learn quickly when [he] moved to West during [his] sophomore year, especially since it’s so much harder here than out there. But getting it together was hard in a good way. It made [him] raise [his] expectations for [himself] and push harder.”

   Chuck Dreisler’s dedicated personality constantly motivates his peers to do the same. As a senior, Dreisler offers some words of wisdom to the underclassmen who will continue his legacy. “High School is only as hard as you make it. It is never so hard that you can’t handle it. There is always a way to survive anything that happens.” Pursuing his future beyond high school will continue to hold great success and accomplishments for him.