Geoffrey Wong: Writing, Wishing, and Waiting

Connie Chung, Freelance Writer

The crowd roars as the brown and gold Warriors bring the football game to another touchdown. In ceremonious unity, the band scurries to hold up their instruments. One particular individual shines through the golden chaos with his hands held high in mysterious serenity. With sharp, collected movements, Geoff Wong (12) directs the blaring music towards victory.

On his role, Wong comments, “Primarily, I am in the West High School Entertainment Unit and, in the spring, I [participate] in the drumline or…‘Springline.’” Wong has taken the extra step forward in all his activities: as the West High Entertainment Unit’s drum major and National Honor Society’s co-president. When asked about time management, he stated, “I try to balance them by almost making them one in the same. I have a deep passion for writing as well as physics so if it’s at all possible to make regular academic subjects incorporated with music or stylized writing, you will see me doing it.”

Wong chooses to express his passion for writing through his future college and career plans, “In terms of dreams, I am hoping to attend Stanford or USC with an emphasis on screenwriting for film and television. Capturing emotions on screen and being able to convey those emotions to an audience just seems like such a beautiful profession.” Though he will never stop pursuing this dream, Wong notes that countless obstacles seem to cloud his pathway. He explains that through times of hardship, there has always been motivators, “Mainly music, family, and friends. Sometimes, all of them at once.”

As a senior, he states simple words of wisdom to the underclassmen, “Don’t criticize yourself so harshly. Albeit, you may be flawed, but you have to learn to live with these things, as the person that you will be stuck with the longest is you. Our flaws don’t detriment our personas, but strengthen them in giving us a perspective insurmountable to anyone else’s.”

When asked about his favorite quote he replies, “‘I may be crazy but it keeps me from going insane.’”  Wong’s inspiring and creative personality will always bring the good out of those surrounding him. Success roams within his future pursuits.