All “Ty”-ed Up, But Not In a Knot

Connor Ji, Staff Writer

  A glittering student with endless passion for theater and music, a warm heart, and a keen interest in math and science is Ty Koeller (11). Koeller is currently involved in numerous school and extracurricular activities, including CSF, Play Production, and Cross Country. Balancing his strong commitment in volunteering and sports, Koeller is also   immersed in challenging school courses.

  Amazingly, the aspiring junior has a resolute plan for college. He claimed, “I want to double major in musical theater and engineering.” Koeller also manages his time well. In addition to musical rehearsal after school each day, he takes “weekly voice lessons and dance classes” to further improve his skills.

  Koeller explained the various reasons behind his challenging work. Although he is not sure which path of engineering he is going to take, Koeller is “passionate about math and creating things with [his] ideas.” As for musical theater, Ty stated, “I have been doing it my whole life and since my first performance, I have known that the stage is where I want to be.”

  The junior’s passion for performing is evident; he earned a lead role in Play Production’s fall musical, Once On This Island. He played Daniel Beauxhomme, a young man “who falls in a forbidden love and is forced to make a decision between love and tradition,” in Koeller’s words.  The musical ended on Saturday, December 1st with great success.

  Though he is only in 11th grade, Koeller’s achievements thus far are definitely commendable. He has set a great, achievable goal, and is working his hardest to get there.