First Day Surprises

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

   Smoke Signals asked two West High students from each grade about what surprised them about their classes on the first day of the 2012-2013 school year.

Christina Marie Rojo (9): “I am new to the school district and so far the students have been welcoming and all of my teachers seem very nice so I think I’m going to have a good freshman year.”

Savannah Schafer (9): “I’m used to having most of my classes with my friends, so it surprised me that I didn’t.”

Matt Doty (10): “I was surprised at how cool my teachers are. I thought going into sophomore year they were going to be stricter.”

Beatrice Barbat (10): “I didn’t get any crazy or mean teachers which probably surprised me the most about my classes.”

Gabriela Cruz-Aedo (11): “On the first day, the teachers intimidated me and told my classes how hard the classes were going to be. I didn’t think they were going to be like that on the first day.”

Sergio Tangari (11): “The classes seem to be pretty easy.”

Emily Williamson (12): “I was happy to be back at school and be around my friends. I guess I’ve realized how nice it is to be around everyone and to feel part of something.”

Javier Rodriguez (12): “Even thought there are new faces and new classes, in the end I still know that school is going to be around, so I can’t keep denying it. However, as long as I have my friends there with me, I know we can all get through this new school year.”