Laura Baumgartner: More Than Meets the Eye

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

    For four years, Laura Baumgartner (12) has enjoyed the memories that high school has given her. As the valedictorian of her class, she busied herself with multiple Honors and AP courses, but always used the difficulty of these classes as a motivator to make sure that anything would be possible for her in the future.

  Other than her challenging academic schedule, Baumgartner played volleyball for West High for three years and also played club volleyball.  “Although I didn’t join every activity I could have, I enjoyed everything I did because of the people I met.” Other than studying and playing volleyball, Baumgartner also has a passion for writing and this interest has led to her hoping to achieve a career in journalism. Her passion for writing led to her joining the Yearbook Chieftain Staff this year. When asked about her plans for college, she stated, “College is just another stepping stone for me, especially with a new environment and new experiences waiting for me. I hope that everything I learned in high school can benefit me in college. The people were so great inTorrance; I can only hope that I can meet amazing people elsewhere.”

  Baumgartner sees her four years as more than just being academically ranked one, because there’s more to high school than just studying. “I’ve met so many great people and created various memories that I look back at West with a smile. Although I don’t know where I’m going to college just yet, I’m thankful for the acceptances and have been glad it’s all paid off until this point.” Currently, Baumgartner has narrowed her list of college choices to either Boston College or Villanova “I don’t choose a college based on how highly ranked it is; I make my decision based on how well I think I’ll fit in. Obviously I won’t be staying inCalifornia, but hopefully I can easily get adjusted out of state.”

  Baumgartner has big, but reachable dreams for her future, but no matter where she ends up, she will be successful. Good luck to Laura in all her future endeavors no matter wherever she ends up.