Accepted: Julia Springer

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

This is the first in a series of articles detailing seniors’ experiences getting accepted to college.

While most seniors are waiting patiently for their acceptance/rejection letters from various colleges, Julia Springer (12) already knows where she will be going in the fall. Springer was accepted early decision to Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Wellesley College is an all women liberal arts college.  Notable alumnae include Hilary Clinton class of 1969 and Diane Sawyer class of 1967.

Springer chose Wellesley because, “My sister is there and it is a very well-rounded and prestigious school. I feel I can get a strong education if I go there.” The application process is a general essay, a supplement, and a ‘Why Wellesley?’ essay, all done through the common app.

When Springer found out that she was accepted early decision she said, “I was jumping up and down and I ran to my dad and was yelling that I got in.” As a backup she applied to Vassar, Brandeis, and Mount Holyoke. Applying early decision is risky because once you are accepted you are required to go. She claimed, “I was really certain that Wellesley was the right school for me after I went to visit.” She also added, “I am really looking forward to experiencing a new lifestyle, being   on my own for the first time, and meeting inspirational and intelligent women.

Springer will be attending the school her freshman year with an undecided major. She claimed, “It is a liberal arts college so I do not have to declare a major until sophomore year and I can take a broad range of classes so I can try everything.” She also mentioned that she is very excited about not attending a co-ed school and I am really grateful to all the people who helped me get into Wellesley.”