New Year, New Resolutions!

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

When a year is near its end, and the next is patiently awaited, a popular phrase is once again instilled in the minds of many: New Years’ ‘Resolution, or more specifically known as the commitment that millions uphold each year set out to accomplish a goal, begin a project, or end a bad habit.

   Resolutions can be easy to break, simply due to weak willpower or loss of enthusiasm, with a documented 78% resolutions result in failure each year. However, with the right amount of determination and an accurate strategy for maintaining one’s goals, resolutions can be upheld. For example, students promise to change certain aspects of their lives for the approaching year. Popular ones amongst students include studying more, improving time management and volunteering more frequently. Some students were asked about their respective resolutions for 2012. Kyung Cho (11) stated, “I want to find my purpose in life, then I want to focus on the typical things such as getting better grades and leading a better lifestyle.” Inna Echual (11) also added, “I simply want to have more fun this year; I want to enjoy life.” Generally, when it comes to resolutions, people are interested in improving specific various things in their lives in order to better their lives as a whole, and Resolutions can be easily followed if one possesses a clear mindset.

   Along with students, adults also possess their individual declarations for the New Year. AP English Language teacher Mrs. Sprague commented, “Each year I promise myself I’m going to lose twenty pounds, but Valentine’s

Day comes around and I like those conversational hearts and chocolate treats.”

   Resolutions are generally for anyone and their range is endless. From lifestyle adjustments to financial changes like spending less and saving more, resolutions take many different forms. Some are spiritual and self-seeking while others are physical and health-related. Despite this, the important virtue is living a healthy, positive life, regardless of the resolutions we make each year. Start thinking of good ways to adhere to your respective resolutions and remember it’s never to late to make a change.