Creating Harmonious Notes at West

Zirwa Kainat with Julia Truong, Staff Writer

Music teacher Mrs. Jensen has been instructing students at West for 26 years. Her expertise and dedication to music never faltered as evidenced by her graduating from the Berklee College of Music to passionately teaching students. Ms. Jensen is the director of Mixed Chorus, boys and girls choir, Glee Ensemble, all-girls choir, and Aristocracy, the advanced choir. Her late nights in the classroom may be a tremendous amount of work, but it shows her commitment to each of her classes. Aside from the three student choirs, Ms. Jexnsen also serves as the teacher for Beginning and Intermediate Instruments, and Music Theory A/B and AP. With all these rigorous classes, it is no surprise that she loves her job.

Teaching these core classes, it seems as if Ms. Jensen has no time for herself, but think again! As director and mezzosoprano singer of the Los Angeles Vocal Core Choir, she puts her best foot forward as this adult choir performs twice a year. Singing is not just a routine, but a life passion for Mrs. Jensen. Last year, she started a Faculty Choir at West High where the teachers and administration learned to sing songs for the annual Winter and Spring Concerts.

Ms. Jensen continuously smiles, as she is always inspired by her students’ dedication to music. She remarked, “Anyone can learn to sing, it just takes some people longer to learn how to do it.” It takes much patience and time for a choir to sound like one voice, which is Aristocracy’s main goal this year. First year Aristocracy member Mani Wullschleger (11) stated, “Mrs. Jensen is an amazing teacher… I actually like going to her class and singing! We have so much fun and even though it is difficult memorizing the music, I am still excited for our performances!

Even though Mrs. Jensen is busy managing her classes, grading papers and directing choirs, her 26 years prove how dedicated she is to her job. Music is much more than just singing, and her classes reflect different curriculums such as instruments and the theory behind music. Mrs. Jensen is a true inspiration to music to everyone at West.