Red Cross Comes to West

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

Ever wonder what exactly to do when natural disasters occur? Because we live in an earthquake zone, some are not aware of the safety precautions we should take in order to survive. Fortunately, the Red Cross Club has arrived at West High to provide knowledge on how to respond to emergency situations. In addition, they teach CPR lessons and help with disaster relief efforts. This club provides an opportunity for students to make a difference in the community that can expand across the globe.

  Jeff Hsiao (11) founded the club after he discovered that Red Cross was already created at different high schools. He stated that “other clubs had Red Cross so why couldn’t West be involved too? Not only do we prepare kids on how to be safe but fundraising takes place throughout the year for disasters around the world.” This club not only benefits the students of West High, but for the rest of the world also. When the club was introduced at Club Rush, several students signed up to take part in this mission. Hsiao hopes for the club to be one of the bigger clubs at West, so that everyone can have an opportunity to make a difference. With more and more people involved, the world can become a better place. Michelle Wu (12) stated that “Red Cross Club would mainly focus on local issues like saving lives because students would donate money to relief fundraisers but not be aware of the purpose.” The club gives opportunities for fundraising hours, but also provides the information necessary for CPR training. Students may not think that CPR will come in handy, but anything can happen. This club gives knowledge to people to learn more about how lives can be saved with the knowledge we acquire.

For more information, come by Mrs. Horsey’s room in 5203 on Fridays to learn survival tips! Make a difference in this club so the rest of the world can follow.