Log onto eTusd.org for More Info

Ann Kim, Freelance Writer

This year, teachers have been encouraging the use of etusd.org to the students; some even make it a requirement to log onto etusd and enroll in the specific course with a unique enrollment key for each class. Etusd.org conveniently displays homework, notes, quizzes, and resources without having to visit multiple sites to acquire information for all the classes in one’s schedule. Moreover, the username and password are quite simple because they correspond to one’s school ID number and birthday. As a result, it is nearly impossible to forget.

Students such as Aya Ibayashi(10) are taking advantage of the site. Ibayashi stated that, “It is really convenient and useful because the information for all my classes is on the site. I go on all the time to check [if] I was absent.” The information displayed on etusd.org is beneficial for every individual.

The student body can benefit from this resource even though the server tends to crash or require server maintenance quite often. Despite the flaw, the information for each class can be easily accessible. Teachers can upload important documents and inform students of important dates on the website.

Etusd.org is another helpful network for students, similar to Zangle and Naviance, as it allows them to look up assignments and activities without needing to ask multiple classmates. Though etusd has its flaws, it continues to be a helpful tool for students and teachers.