Step into the Wild Side with Feather Hair Extensions

Ann Kim, Staff Writer

Recently, there have been new trends in fashion made in clothing and handbags. Another such trend that has gained popularity is feather hair extensions. Amongst a wide-range of people, feather-hair extensions are recommended since they allow one to add different textures and originality to one’s hair. According to an article by Kayleen Schaefer in The New York Times, the rooster-feathers used by Fly-Fishermen as bait are low in supply due to the high demand from beauty salons to support this rising trend of feather hair extensions. Despite the shortage, various individuals are still sporting the trend.

Many students admire this hair accessory such as Lauren Kim (11) who replied that “[they] are actually [very] pretty and I think they look good.” Likewise Elie Kim (11) stated, “Feather extensions give a bohemian vibe and I think they will look good with a maxi dress in the summer. They are really cute.” Feather hair extensions are more desired due to its low maintenance factors; it does not harm one’s natural hair and can be easily attached and removed. As a result, the beauty of these feathers can serve as a statement piece to enhance one’s style

Though feather-hair extensions are quite popular, many students are in fact not aware of the trend such as Phil Kang (12) who stated, “I have never seen girls wear feather hair extensions in my life, so I [do not] have an opinion on them.” Because of the shortage of natural feathers, most salons charge quite a bit for the attachment, however one can opt out of the high-end price by buying alternative feather accessory pieces such as feather earrings, necklaces, headbands, etc.

Nevertheless, feather-hair extensions are a great way to alter one’s look without having to dye or even cut hair. The feathers come in several different colors and styles. They deliver simplicity and change to one’s style without the hassle and the burden of getting a completely new look.