An Active Lifestyle

Kevin Park, Staff Writer

Nobody enjoys the burden of debt or grudges with others. The New Year is a great time to start off on a clean slate. With the start of 2011, many students have resolutions and want to improve their lifestyle choices. Throughout the diverse school, a variety of students have already made changes.

For a group of very different high school students, goals were surprisingly similar. One student athlete, John Lee (11) wants to “make the Varsity team and keep up good grades.” He is aware that he can put in more effort and make varsity while keeping grades up. Anna Clark (9) made plans to “become more involved in school and seek out clubs.” By watching one less T.V. show or sacrificing one lunch day for a club, both could meet their goals.

Although there were many who had goals for self improvement, most others wanted to improve relationships with people. Matt Kim (12) would like to “get closer to his parents before going off to college.” Kim says by giving a little time at night instead of sitting around doing nothing, he could easily spend more time with parents.

Whether they were underclassmen or seniors, athletes or scholars, most of the students seemed to be looking for the same thing. Jessica Gonzalez (10) believes that “everyone could easily make significant differences in their lives.”

There is only one common problem that all of these students need to overcome: life long habits which cause them to be inactive. With a little bit of extra work, all of these students can improve either themselves or their relationships with others.