Drumming to Success: Matthew Capparelli

Ann Kim, Staff Writer

   While many students struggle to find time for extracurricular activities, Matthew Capperelli (12) manages to successfully balance his school work and responsibilities as the captain of West High’s drumline.
   The drumline consists of two sections: the pit and the battery. When asked about the instruments in drumline, Capparelli replied “…the pit includes the xylophone, two marimba sets, two bell sets, two vide sets, and all the ‘toys’ such as the tambourine and the cowbell. The battery has four snare drums, five bass drums, and one cymbal.”
   Capparelli, whose father is a professional drummer, was encouraged to participate in band in fifth grade and has been drumming for seven years. Capperelli states that there are a lot of memorable times made in drumline, “…the most memorable moment was when I performed an individual snare solo and [won] first place.” He also states that “when we’re performing we also have a lot of fun.”
   Most people do not know how much time and practice participating in the drumline requires. Capperelli practices around seventeen hours a week. With extensive practices every single day, Matthew finishes his school work by staying up past one or two o’clock.
   Although Capperelli is not planning on pursuing music in college, he continues to provide a beat for West High.