Jenna Hoover: Dancing to the Top

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   Since freshman year, Jenna Hoover (11) has been an active participant in the West High Dance Department. As a child, Hoover took tap and ballet classes, but she soon lost interest and quit. In middle school she discovered Starlight Productions, a company that produces youth theatre in the South Bay. This new hobby brought Hoover back to the dancing world since “out of the three aspects of musical theatre: dancing, singing, and acting, I was the best at dancing.”

  Hoover soon attended a West High Dance performance and workshop which motivated her to enroll in Beginning Dance her freshman year. Since then, Hoover has progressed to the Intermediate and Advanced dance classes here at West. Throughout this time, dance taught Hoover “that in order to succeed in dance and in life itself, I need to put forth my best effort all of the time.”

   Advanced Dance is a class for the highly experienced as they perform many numbers in the biannual dance show and are constantly learning throughout the year including summer. Over vacation, Hoover “was able to learn all sorts of dance wisdom from master classes and also grew as a dancer at the USA Jazz Dance Camp.” This camp made sure that all members of the advanced team were near the same level.

   This year, Hoover is “really looking forward to choreographing for shows and working with professional guest choreographers.” She also hopes to work on technique this year with her goal being “to improve my left side technique to the level of my right technique.”

   Not only has Hoover danced in numerous West Dance Shows, but she pushes herself by taking difficult classes and by being a member in many organizations around campus. In addition to being a member of the Advanced Dance team, this year she is also Interact Vice President, Environmental Club Secretary, and a member of both California Scholarship Federation and the National Honors Society.  She also manages to succeed in four Honors/AP courses. With so many time commitments, Hoover has “had to adopt the motto: Sleep is for the weak.” Even with the occasional sleepless night, Hoover can always be seen around campus with a smile glued to her face.

   As a dancer, Hoover has improved dramatically since her days as a five year old ballerina. She has ascended the ranks to become a member of the Advanced Dance team and “hopes to inspire and encourage others to love dance.”