Welcome Class of 2014

Frank Davis, Staff Writer

On September 1st the class of 2014 was given a glimpse of the campus during Warrior Welcome. An annual event host Mrs. Elwood’s well-recognized club, Freshman Focus, Warrior Welcome was a huge success as incoming freshmen saw a variety of performances by Drill Team, Play Production, Advance Dance, Cheer, and much more.   The Presentation concluded with a finale from the West High Band.

The busy morning began with Freshman Focus Delegates preparing in gloomy weather, with a threatening chance of rain. Yet none the less Warrior Welcome began at 9am sharp and lasted for a couple hours; an orientation was given in the gym; timid ears listening to every word as they were introduced to the world of sports. Football, Cross Country, and Soccer athletes all provided their words of wisdom on how sports have impacted their lives. The Entertainment Unit did a spectacular job by not only amusing guests, but by displaying to students the diversity of the Performing Arts. There were great music, smiling faces, and more importantly an enthusiastic class of 2014.

After an intense competition of the infamous balloon game and musical chair, freshmen were escorted by their Freshmen Focus group leaders to series of classroom as there given multiple lectures on a variety of topics ranging from Academics to Club and Activities, followed by a very detailed tour of the West High School campus. By noon the cloudy weather cleared up; and returned to the very familiar sunny California climate that we all know and love. PTA helped out by serving a picnic style lunch which included hot dogs and thirst-quenching lemonade.

We can turn to the main coordinators Michelle Trinh (12) and Chelsea Kishimoto (12), along with the entire Freshmen Focus staff for the successful morning. However, the morning did run as smoothly as expected. Occupied with a high unexpected number of freshmen, the delegates proceeded with stress. Trinh stated “It was more chaotic than I was hoping for but I’m really satisfied with the outcome.” Surely her words were accurate as the hectic concerns eventually became success. According to Kishimoto, “[Plenty] of people came up to us and told us it was one of the best Warrior Welcomes they’ve seen.” As incoming student Laura Lopez (9) commented, “It was very awkward at first, but by the end of the end I really enjoyed myself.”