2010 “Promposals”

Aniqa Azad, Tech/Photography Editor

Prom is a big deal for many students. Especially how the guy asks the girl: the bouquet of flowers or the commotion signifies one of the biggest deals associated with prom. Balloons, posters, flowers, random costumes, shocked faces, and hugs have been observed on campus for the past month. “What did he say? What did she say?”

On one morning, a monstrous banner hung on the railings of building 3. David Cho (12) had taken the first step and asked Michelle Henkhaus (12) to prom. It seems that Cho started a wave of prom-asking.

Cindy Hong (12) was “scared, very scared” as she recalls, “There were a lot of people and a lot of noise…and the security guards were there too!” Justin Chon (12) had put on a big display in front of the by the main gate after school. Chon asked his friends for help, having them wear shirts with letters that spelled out Hong’s name.

Paul Seo (12) also had a huge show as he had an enormous box filled with tons of balloons in front of building 3 as Courtnie Yun (11) walked up with shocked eyes. Paul revealed that “[he] had a smile the entire time, but was very nervous.”

Although many have put on a public display at school, others chose to carry out prom proposals elsewhere. Troy Hoffa (12) said, “I took her to a movie and then I took her to this place in PV that overlooks the ocean after the movie. I had a glass cup [on which] I wrote “prom?” on the outside and then I lit it. She smiled and said ‘of course.’”

David Yuan (11)
went to Grace Yoshida’s (11) house and put a sack of flour as he ding-dong-ditched and left. On the sack was a note “Grace, prom? Name’s inside.” As Yoshida frantically looked for the name, she sat frustrated as there was nothing in the sack; five minutes later Yuan came back holding flowers and said “Oops, wrong flower: will you go to prom with me?” Of course, that’s what was supposed to happen. David said, “As soon as I walked to her house and she saw me, we both laughed and screamed for like five minutes straight.”

Daniel Min Soo Kim (12) said, “I got her a bouquet of red roses and a chocolate bar, and asked before 3rd period in front of the class.” He recalls that Julia New (12) blushed and said “yes.”

As the weeks have gone by, pictures of couples with their wide smiles, flowers, and hugs have been popping up on Facebook. Prom is on Saturday, June 12th at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro. This year’s prom called the “Grecian Escape,” will most certainly be enchanting and definitely a night to remember. Have a great time, everyone!