Learning to Appreciate

Bryan Phan, Staff Writer

   The holiday season draws near, but for many children, it will not be a time of delightful gifts. Fortunately, the Salvation Army serves to ensure that these children will have the opportunity to experience the joy of receiving presents.

   The process is very simple. First, children ask the organization what they would like for the holidays. Afterwards, the requests are sent to public institutions where people would select a child, or an “angel,” and raise money to make the wishes come true. “Salvation Army Angels give us a chance to allow young children to have the irreplaceable joys of Christmas,” said Stephanie Ho.

   This year, West High classes are participating in the Salvation Army Angels; students are donating money to support one to four angels per class. “After giving these children the gifts they want for Christmas you get the greatest feeling ever. Classes don’t donate money because of a prize or a pasta party but because it is the write thing to do for less fortunate children,” said Mr. Palazzo. “It is great to give because a lot of the students at school take so much of they have for granted,” added Duke Kim (11). Salvation Army Angels has taught students not only to give to the needy, but also to appreciate the things they have.