City of Lights: Une Nuit Magnifique

Hanna Joo, Staff Writer

   On October 26th, West High School held its “City of Lights” Homecoming Dance. As students stepped into the gym, the scintillating lights and dazzling decorations left them in awe.     

  ASB put forth a lot of effort into creating the amazing scenery. The mezzanine lights were turned off for a stylish effect to the atmosphere, and miniature replicas of the Eiffel Tower adorned the dance floor. The DJ was positioned in the center of the gym—rather than in its usual spot off to the side—and tables full of sweets could be found throughout the area.
   The West High School administration was very strict on enforcing the “front-to-front” dancing policy. Inappropriate dancing, better known as the “front-to-back” dancing, led to the restriction from participation in the rest of the dance. According to ASB Vice President Zach Gray (12) the policy may have prevented the event from being as successful as it could have been. “When [one] has five to six other schools that host far more attractive dances devoid of restrictions so all that essentially happens is West’s ASB loses money.”
   During the last hour of the Homecoming Dance, Ms. Yoo lined up the top five nominees for Homecoming King behind last year’s winner, Justin Lee. The students were accompanied by their mothers as they walked down the aisle and onto the stage. The newly crowned Homecoming King Ali Nazari (12) slow-danced with Homecoming Queen Chie Tamada (12). Into the night, everyone else also had a chance to slow dance to the last song as the “City of Lights” came end.