Smoke Signals Snapshot

Aniqa Azad, Copy/Tech Editor

This cycle’s Smoke Signals Snapshot is awarded to Jaimee Partida (11). With the beginning of school, many students at West High took the opportunity to show off the wardrobe that they had built up for the school year. Jaimee, made a hot summer day in school seem as if a runway had been made for her.

Jaimee wore a white, spaghetti-strap dress that was crumpled and ruffled along the chest, almost like a baby doll dress. The golden details embroidered across the dress transformed the simple dress into an elegant one. The hemline was just a black line stitched across the dress. Jaimee purchased the dress on a trip from Australia, and has from since then loved clothes anywhere from other than the United States.

Jaimee paired the plain dress with a comfortable, three-quarter sweater. What made the sweater so unique was its cable sweater look with collars that laid flat near the collarbones. Oversized brown buttons gave the sweater an extra touch. To complete the look, Jaimee wore tan boots with an inch of heel. The boots, resembling futuristic cowboy boots, gave the whole outfit an extra edge. To finish the whole look, Jaimee wore a simple, brown and tan bangle to match with her outfit.

Jaimee commented, “I get most of my ideas of what to wear from magazines. I own at least five subscriptions to fashion magazines, which include InStyle, Seventeen, and CosmoGirl (when it used to be published).” She said that she enjoys going out to different malls to find her clothes and that she likes to shop a lot from Forever 21. Jaimee continues to be a stylish through her taste for amazing accessories and cool, trendy clothes.