Fall Fashion At West!


This fall comes bearing warm colors and chunky sweaters. As the temperatures and leaves drop, students at West take advantage of the weather to cozy up in style! Pictured from left to right: Dominic Disloquez (11), Samantha Kelly (12), Nicole Smith (10), Peter Cepeda (12), Tobeanna Anyaoha (12), Tommy Nguyen (11), Felix (Abigail) Paddi (11). Photo courtesy of Kaila Uyemura (12).

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer

   From sweaters to turtlenecks, students at West have shown their taste in the fall trends. Summer tees turned into layers of tops as it gets a little chillier each day. Those of all grades sport the flare pants and mom jeans, rocking it with some classic Doc Martens or Converse. Some revived patterns including plaid and stripes can be seen all over campus. All cozy in their own fall wear, students all around are dressing their best!

    In addition to the falling leaves, migrating animals, and pumpkin-spiced everything, a hot topic currently is the sweater weather. The days are shorter so there’s less time to waste and too many clothes to shop for! Tharushi Weerasekara (9) recommended PacSun, Hollister, and Target. They’re comfortable, affordable, and up with the trends. Weerasekara remarked that “Pacsun is pretty comfortable, Target has really nice sweaters, and Hollister has good jeans!” Her clothing inspiration sprouts from labels like these as well as social media and friends. 

   Similarly, Syra Torres (10), remarked that the fall theme to her is with “orange, brown, [and] red; colors that you consider fall-like! Or [with] articles of clothing; flannel, sweaters, leggings, or boots.” She enjoys cozying up in pinky warm colors, and especially loves flannel and Uggs! Some of her recommended shops are Shein, Q, or at any mall in general. 

   Currently, the trend for fall wear seems to aim towards popular brands like PacSun, A New Day, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Free People, H&M, Old Navy, and many more. That’s not including other apparel, such as shoes & socks, hats, gloves, etc. The knitted, loose style appears in sweaters and vests while hoodies and jeans make a comeback. Wolf cuts, mullets, messy buns, and more are also seen throughout the school as streaks and faded bleach appear on every other student. Though West is no fashion show, the sidewalks may as well be the catwalk. All over campus, students are showing off their stuffy outfits, warm colors, and eye-catching backpacks.

   Both girls dress every day in a new and different outfit and know all about combinations. Weerasekara specifically recommended basic matches like a sweater on top of jeans and sneakers, or a nice top under a loose jacket with jeans also. Jeans are really her vogue and she can often be seen wearing a pair.

   Torrez suggested easy outfits like “a black jumpsuit [with] a long-sleeved shirt, a brownish flannel, and some Ugg boots!” It’s jeans for Weerasekara, and Uggs for Torrez.

   For this fall season, students at West have been dressing all snug and cozy. As the seasons slowly shifted, skirts became leggings, then turned into corduroys. With every new season are new looks, and this fall’s style is certainly cushy.