Apple Announces Long-Awaited Streaming TV Service

Mariam Rizkalla, Staff Writer

On Monday, March 25th, Apple announced its long-awaited streaming TV service, Apple TV Plus, which will display its original shows and movies and possibly even compete with Amazon, Netflix, and Cable TV.

  The announcement was made at an event in Cupertino, California (headquarters) in the presence of several celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Steve Carnell, Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, and many more.

  In the past years, the iPhone has long been Apple’s most marketed product, but sales have begun to decline. As a result, the company is pushing for new digital subscriptions in search for growth and advancement.

  Dhriti Veeramachaneni (10) commented on Apple’s new subscriptions saying, “I think this is an outstanding advancement. It has the potential to bring substantial growth to the company. However, in such a competitive industry, every move must be carefully strategized.”

  The company also explained the details of its news subscription service, Apple News Plus, as well as a new credit card.

  The anticipated cost for the news service is $10, which offers access to approximately 300 magazines, as well as numerous major newspapers like the Los Angeles times and The Wall Street Journal.

  Moreover, Apple promises that readers will not be tracked by advertisers within the new app, which distinguishes it from other popular apps like Facebook, Google, and others.

  Interestingly, the company also announced the launch of a MasterCard credit service called Apple Card, which will integrate into Apple Maps to inform users of where and when they spend their money, without notifying the company with any personal user information. According to Apple, this card service will not have any late or annual fees and will offer two percent cash-back rewards.

  Regarding the execution of these new ideas, Apple CEO Tim Cook commented that “Apple is very late to this game” for Netflix has become the gold standard in content creation and distribution.

  Kira Resnick Crook (10), a Netflix fan, commented, “I definitely think this is a successful growth opportunity for Apple that will quickly spread and gain popularity amongst viewers due to its accessibility.”

  With $245 billion in cash and marketable securities, Apple must prove itself attractive to Hollywood. Coming this fall on the Apple TV App is the new home for the world’s most recognized artists: Apple TV Plus.