Oh, Sandra Oh Hosted The Golden Globes

Zack Allen, Writer

On January 6th, the 76th Golden Globes were shown on NBC. The award ceremony is a way to honor television shows or the latest Hollywood blockbusters. However this time the award show is historic because for the first time in the 76 years the Golden Globes, an Asian actress, Sandra Oh hosted the show with help of comedian Andy Samberg.

  Oh was nominated and won best actress  for her work in the drama Killing Eve. Oh was contending with four other actresses for the award and when she won, she thanked her parents and  the cast of Killing Eve.

  Her victory is historic because it is the first time a woman of asian descent has won that award since 1981. The last recipient being, Yoko Shimada, who won the award for her performance in the T.V. show Shogun.

  After winning the award Oh mentioned her parents and stated, “My parents are amazing people and internet sensations and they are so happy, for Asian kids to make our parents happy, it is so fulfilling.”

  Oh made history a second time by simply hosting the show. She was the very first Asian woman to host the ceremony. Following the success of Crazy Rich Asians and now The Golden Globes, it looks to be a great upcoming year for Asian actors as their representation is becoming a  more commonplace.

 Jessica Shelton (10), a member of West High’s Play Production who watched the award show, said “I think it really just shows how much things are changing, I really enjoyed watching her host and I thought she did a great job”

  Shelton then goes to explain why she believes Oh’s hosting meant a lot, “I think it helps how Asians are represented because Sandra is definitely not a stereotype, she is funny and brilliant.”

  Oh’s win and hosting is something that will be in the history books of Hollywood and will hopefully inspire Asian actors around the world.