Meghan Markle Will Not Be Spending Christmas With Her Mother

Safia Ahmed, Staff Writer

  Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and the Royal Family will be spending Christmas with the Queen of England. Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland was invited to attend the holidays with the royal family, however she chose not to.

  Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting a baby in the spring and it is possible Doria may accompany Meghan during the months following her child’s birth.

  Doria has attended several events with both her daughter and her son in-law and she is proud of Meghans accomplishments.

  She had told the guests at the event that she was “head over heels” about her daughter´s successes.

  Meghan was working to support the many people who were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

  Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge had spent Christmas of 2010 with her own family, it was the last Christmas she shared with her family. Unlike Kate, Meghan does not have any relatives in the UK to spend her Christmas with.

  Doria has not yet declared why she will not attend Christmas with the Royal family or take part in any of the festivities. Unfortunately, she will not be moving in the Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage permanently,

  Uzair Pasta (11) recently heard about this he said, “I feel it should not be a problem who a person spends their Christmas with as long as they enjoy their company. Technically the royal family is Meghan’s actual family and this is her first Christmas with her husband´s family, so I think it is good that she is spending the holidays with them.”

  There is a possibility that Doria may be overwhelmed by the fact that everything, such as her daughters wedding and moving from one place to another, is happening all at once. However, it is not yet sure why she has refused to accompany the Royal Family for the holidays.

  Tiffany Ainerhunga (10) had heard of the news as well and responded by saying, “This is reasonable, it is the first Christmas as the Dutchess and it would be wrong not to spend it with the Queen. I believe Doria had her reasons for not spending the holidays with the royal family, after all she will be there for the birth of Meghan’s child.”

  This Christmas will be the first for Meghan and Harry as a married couple. The Queen had sent an invitation to Doria to spend Christmas with them which was unusual because the Queen barely invites non-royal family members to attend holiday events. Even with the friendly gesture from the Queen, Doria has decided she will not be attending this holiday event with the royals.