Beautiful Trauma Breeds Beautiful Music

Christine Nguyen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

  P!nk released a new album on October 13 called Beautiful Trauma that is predicted to top the charts on Billboard for 2017’s biggest debut by a woman. The album has already earned 300,000 equivalent album units following behind Beyonce’s Lemonade.

  Since it has been five years since she has released a new album, P!nk expressed her excitement for the long wait. She stated, “I am certifiably, insanely proud of this album.” Her excitement is justifiable, with “Beautiful Trauma” having six million views already.

  Maura Johnston from the Rolling Stones reviewed P!nk’s new song “Revenge,” which is a duet featuring Eminem, about bad romance. Johnston stated, “Her bad-romance duet with Eminem is an early shot of energy.” “The reason why I love [Eminem] is, number one, he’s a lyrical genius,” P!nk confessed.  

  Performing on Saturday Night Live on October 14, P!nk sang “What About Us” and “Beautiful Trauma.” She performed both songs wearing bold fashion statements such as a hot pink, puffy vest and big gold hoop earrings which matched her strong vocals and intense lyrics.

  The renowned singer also presented a sentimental speech concerning individuality at the VMAs when receiving her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The speech sent her fans into hysterics.

  Her album also promotes this important message of originality by not caring about others’ negative opinions and influences.

  In an interview with The Guardian, the three-time Grammy winner divulged how her new album is based on the rocky relationship P!nk has with her eleven-year marriage to Carey Hart. “There are moments where I look at [Hart] and he is the most thoughtful, logical, constant … he’s like a rock. And then I’ll look at him and go: ‘I’ve never liked you,’” explained P!nk.

  After listening to P!nk’s first released song, “Beautiful Trauma,” Abia Chowdbury (9) stated, “P!nk is trying to explain her negative experiences with a specific person/people, and that she’ll always be messed up in some sort of way which is a recurrence in many of her old songs.”

  Lili Georges (12) also stated, “P!nk’s recent music has become more mature and how they reflect on the faults of ourselves and the person we were in a relationship with.”

  World tour dates have already been announced in North America and Australia, and P!nk hopes she can get as much support as possible while embarking on her musical journey.