Major Mix Up for Moonlight

ABC News

ABC News

Lili Georges, Staff Writer

  One of the biggest nights in Hollywood ended on a surprising note this past Sunday as the award for “Best Picture” was mistakenly given to the musical La La Land instead of Moonlight.

  The Oscars, ever since the first show in 1929, has been known for their prestige and glamour. Over 33 million viewers tuned in this weekend, enthralled over the red carpet looks and the laughs from host Jimmy Kimmel. So it was a shock when announcer Warren Beatty was given the wrong envelope for the biggest award of the night.

  According to The New York Times, the man behind the mystery mix-up was Brian Cullinan, a partner from the accounting firm PwC. He transferred the wrong card to Beatty when walking on stage. Instead, he gave the envelope holding “Best Actress,” which had been awarded to Emma Stone, actress on La La Land.

  Despite the mix-up, the night was full of celebration for a variety of winners. Viola Davis won “Best Supporting Actress” for Fences and gave a moving speech about the powers of acting, because it is the only “profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”

  Kimmel also brought his own charismatic humor to the show. His antics ranged from surprising a tour bus full of tourists, to dropping candy from the sky for celebrities to eat during the long show.

  Louise Cuaresma (11) thought the funniest part of the night was when Kimmel kept interrupting Matt Damon who was introducing an award, with loud orchestra music – a continuation of the fake feud between the two that played on for the entire show.

  Even though the night ended on a surprising note, it was still a memorable one with lots of laughs, tears, and hugs.