Stranger Things is Not in the Upside Down

Emily Partida, Staff Photographer

  The much favorited Netflix TV series,  Stranger Things, won the Super Bowl Ad game after the release of the season two trailer. The trailer gave viewers a first look at what adventures are in store for the kids of Hawkins, Indiana.

  After a successful first season, the show left viewers wanting more. Recently the TV show received more recognition after its win of Best Ensemble in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards — beating top TV shows, The Crown and Game of Thrones.

  Season one ended with Will’s (Noah Schnapp) dangerous secret, and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) dying. However, fans speculate that Eleven is still alive since Hopper (David Harbour) rushed out of a police Christmas party to place Eggo waffles — Eleven’s favorite food — in the middle of the forest.

  “I am anxious to see if Eleven is still alive. She probably is because Millie is in the second season, but I want to know what happened to Eleven. Like if she went to the upside down,” said Ayah Faqhi (12).

  The trailer to season two have left fans raving with excitement. Sci-fi enthusiast, Amanda Villalva (11) stated, “I enjoyed the mystery [the trailer] gave off and I can’t wait to see what happens to Will.”

 Not only are fans excited, but the cast of the show could not contain their joy after the first look into season two. Fans were feeding off of their exhilaration after a video of Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, and Finn Wolfhard was posted on Instagram.

  Despite the excitement, many are not too fond of the release date. Jason Tinti (10) said that although “[he] was hyped for the show, [he] read ‘Halloween’ and that bummed [him] out.”

  The six month wait is not ideal; however, the questions about Eleven’s whereabouts, Will’s special powers, and the Upside-Down will all be answered in a matter of eight months.