Best of Country

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief

   On Wednesday, people were preparing for the biggest night of the year for country music. A long, unforgettable night filled with anticipation and excitement, the Country Music Association Awards allowed country artists to get recognition in their hard work and dedication. The CMA Awards celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 3, with performances from some of country’s biggest stars, such as Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Florida Georgia Line, and Keith Urban.

  In honor of it being the 50th anniversary, the CMA put a music video together titled, “Forever Country: Artists of Then, Now, and Forever.” It featured 30 of the biggest country stars of our time.

 One of the most honoring awards of the night went to Dolly Parton who received the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. Jennifer Nettles and Pentatonix kicked off a tribute to Parton, by singing her hit song “Jolene.” Reba McEntire then sang another favorite, “9 to 5,” with Kacey Musgraves singing “Here You Come Again,” right after. The tribute ended with Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride joining the others for the final song – “I Will Always Will You.”

  Parton jokingly said, “I would’ve cried, but I didn’t want to mess up my eyelashes,” when receiving the honorary award.

  Another highlight of the evening was Beyonce’s debut at the CMA awards. She and the Dixie Chicks performed a country rendition of “Daddy Lessons” from her Lemonade album.
  After Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks graced the audience with their presence, Peyton Manning presented the Pinnacle Award to Kenny Chesney – the third person in CMA history to receive the award. Past recipients were Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift.

  After a performance from Florida Georgia Line, Vince Gill presented the award for Female Vocalist of the Year, which Underwood won for the fourth time in her career.

  Not only did the show hand out awards all night, the presenters kept the audience in more anticipation as they updated on how the Chicago Cubs were doing in the World Series.

  With all the different genres in music, it is hard to acknowledge every one of them. Thankfully, the CMA allows artists to get the recognition they deserve. We hope to see an even outstanding show next year!