In High Spirits

Gillian Navarro, Staff Writer

School had been in session for about three weeks now and it was time to get the students hyped for another school year. ASB puts together rallies, fundraisers, and events, including spirit week, which occurs about three to four times throughout the school year. For the first spirit week, the themes included, ‘Merica Monday, Twin Tuesday, Pink Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Fancy Friday.

Pink Wednesday and Fancy Friday were the greatest turnouts. Students seemed to really enjoy the reference to mean girls and being able to look their best before the weekend. On Friday,  the majority of the school was Kodak ready and Fancy Friday had its biggest turnout in years. For only being the beginning of the year, West High was decked out in full spirit. Astha Kumar (9) said “It’s awesome; I liked how some students went all out with face paint.”

ASB has made Spirit Week the best way to get the student body together. Dana Ravago (9) said “It gets people to talk and they can relate with wearing the same things”. Although Spirit Week was fun, some students think they should get notice ahead of time. Some students did not get to dress up because they simply did not know or couldn’t plan ahead. Other students simply chose not to be involved. Hannah Sandeen (12) said “I get to dress up [without people thinking] I’m weird, but it’s kind of stupid because not everyone does it. [Also], I feel like they should have announced it instead of just the Friday before”.

  Harjas Jassal (9) said “I feel like you should get something if you dress up, like on College Swag Thursdays they give you lollipops.” Overall, Spirit Week was a festive five days and most students and faculty are looking forward to dressing up down the road.