The Spectacular Now

Sarah Honeycutt, Staff Writer

   On Friday, August 16th, the movie The Spectacular Now, directed by James Ponsoldt and based on the book written by Tim Tharp, hit the theaters.

  The film opens with Sutter Keely, a high school senior played by Miles Teller, who narrates and reflects on his once perfect life as he attempts to complete his college entrance essay. According to Keely, he had it all: popularity, a beautiful girlfriend, a respectable job, and his own car. As high school graduation nears, Keely finds his once perfect world beginning to unravel. His social drinking becomes a serious addiction that leads to the eventual loss of his job and girlfriend. In the midst of his heartbreak, Keely develops an unlikely relationship with Aimee Finecky played by Shailene Woodley. Keely finds himself struggling to face the reality of growing up and finding his place in adulthood.

  The film was portrayed as a typical romantic- comedy but instead proved to be a dark melodrama. Lisa Kennedy, a top critic for Rotten Tomatoes said, “So many films featuring teens seem overstimulated or familiar. This one strikes a deep, rich note and holds it.” Andrea Gronvall, also a top critic for Rotten Tomatoes described the film as, “[A] nuanced and unsentimental coming-of-age film.” What seemed to be a coming of age film based on young love and passion quickly turned dark and was followed by a series of reckless decisions and life threatening events.

   Rotten Tomatoes critic Liam Lacey said, “By the end of The Spectacular Now, you’re not quite ready to let these characters go.”

   The Spectacular Now will leave the audience with many unanswered questions. It allows the audience to fill in the blanks and consider the alternative possibilities of how they believe the movie should have ended. This movie will surely get you contemplating life from a new perspective.