Fashion of the Past, Present, and Future

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

It comes as no surprise that fashion trends have changed throughout the years. However, what is surprising is that fashion from the past is making a comeback. Fashion designers are showing us that no matter how old a trend is, it can never go out of style, such as top hats, petticoats, and bomber jackets.

In the 1800’s, fashion became a way to express oneself, as western style quickly emerged into the fashion field. Jumping to the “Roaring 20’s,” women started to experiment with hair introducing new styles of long, short, or bowl cuts to the rest of the world. To this day, women continue to experiment with their hair, with styles shifting back and forth. Little black dresses were a popular style for women in the 1930’s, which is still true for most women of this era. A popular fashion trend from the 1940’s was the sleek long pant that was introduced by Katherine Hepburn. The sleek long pant style is still common to this day, mostly worn by business women. As time progressed and the 1950’s rolled around, pencil skirts and miniskirts were created for young women to make themselves feel more attractive. The 1970’s presented platform shoes, or wedges, which made its trademark on the fashion empire. Denim jeans became one of the most famous and popular fashion trends of the 1980’s, along with Calvin Klein clothing that can be worn by both women and men of all ages. Today, Calvin Klein and denim jeans continue to be a major fashion trend among men and women. The 1990’s brought the “grunge” look also known as holes in the jeans, along with hip hop and Goth style that teens sport today.

Experts believe the reason for the return of old school fashion is because young adults are becoming more fascinated and intrigued by the past from television and reality shows.   Movies, celebrities, and the media have a direct influence on recurring fashion trends. They represent a new past perspective of fashion that makes us, the new era, curious about life in the past. Non-familiar clothing makes young adults and teens interested and excited to attempt a new style that has never been a reality to them.

According to fashion experts, fashion repeats itself every twenty years, which seems to be the case for Mercedes Silvas (11) who stated, “Good fashion never goes out of style.”  From paperboy hats of the 1940’s to the boots of the 1960’s, fashion has continually proved that any style can be brought back in a new exciting way. Abigail Gonzalez (11), who is a huge fan of the 60’s boots trend said, “I think it’s amazing how fashion from the past is coming back and being intercepted into the new fashion.”  These old school styles have become “so unique that they are being introduced to our generation in a great way”, stated Nessa Esparza (11).

Over the years, fashion has become a way of expressing oneself, making one feel more attractive, and allowing individuals to keep up with the new trends that occur and change often. The history of fashion has made a huge impact on how fashion is today, creating a variety of styles for everyone.