Singing for the Winter Season

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

As students come to school dressed warmly in this cold winter season, it is no surprise that Christmas is approaching. For the Choral Department, the annual Winter Concert was the main event to attend. Various Christmas music from different languages are performed by Mixed Chorus, Glee Ensemble, and Aristocracy.

As the Pavilion lights dimmed and spectators found their seats, Aristocracy appeared with candles at the front door. With a starting note, the choir walked in pairs singing a candlelight processional called “Lo How a Rose”. Aristocracy then lined up across the front of the stage, blowing out their candles one by one. After the breathtaking performance, the curtains opened with Mixed Chorus on stage. The coed chorus sang various songs in Latin, and a combined song with Glee Ensemble. Glee performed a jazz version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Each song was met with cheers from the enthusiastic audience, especially when the Faculty Chorus came on stage. For the second year, Choral Director Mrs. Jensen organized a Faculty and Staff choir in which a group of teachers and administrators meet every Thursday after school and practice singing songs. Mrs. Burkhard commented, “I really love singing in this choir because of all the teachers being so passionate about singing. I never knew I could have so much fun!” The Faculty Chorus performed “Silver Bells” as well as “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” with Aristocracy. The song was performed in a jazz style in which the audience could join in singing along as well!

After a short intermission, the curtains opened once again with Aristocracy on stage. Brittany Minnis-Lemley (10) remarked, “Even though it’s my second year in the choir, I am always excited to be on stage especially with the different songs we sing.” Aristocracy performed a difficult polyphonic piece called “Regum Natum” as well as a comedic song called “The Dinner Bell Carol”. Towards the end of the concert, the infamous “Let Us Go and See Him” was performed by all the choirs. Each year, this song is meant for the alumni to come onto stage and sing with all the current choirs. This traditional song had the crowd on their feet, ending this successful concert.