SillyBandz Take West High By Storm

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   One hot new trend taking over the nation is SillyBandz, a rubber band that is shaped into any object you could think of. This original brand has been noticed by many and even Disney has joined by providing Disney-shaped SillyBandz.

   This concept originated in Japan, but was brought to the states in November 2008. These rubber bracelets soon reached the entire country and teens at West High have caught on. Schools across the country have banned SillyBandz from classrooms because they are too distracting, yet there have been no wide spread issues regarding these fashion accessories.

   Around campus, students are seen wearing these colorful rubber bands but still many are confused as to why anyone would want to pay money for essentially rubber bands. Allison Neureither (10) exclaimed, “They are so cool! It is just a whole new way to express yourself!” With SillyBandz ranging from guitars to flamingos, there is something for everyone. Carly Saber (10) owns many SillyBandz and noted, “I absolutely think they are amazing and genius!”

   Although this new fad is popular with some, others think the bands are pointless. With some intricate shapes, SillyBandz can be too tight or loose around ones wrist. Jessica Ho (10) added, “I do not wear SillyBandz because I do not really care for them. They have some pretty cute designs, but when you wear them around your wrists, they look very messy.”

   These bracelets, most popular with girls, are just one of many bracelet trends. Alex Wolfson (10) expressed, “They are fun in a quirky way, but aren’t nearly as fun as the ‘I Love Boobies’ bracelets.” Although not everyone chooses to wear these quirky rubber bands, they are still a hit with many. One can only guess whether this trend stays strong or fizzles out, but whatever the result, many are satisfied with their SillyBandz for now.