The Amazing Story of Horse-Racing

Nicole Jeon, Staff Writer

    Racing cars, riding motorcycles, running, and bicycling are all part of the thrill that
racers experience with inanimate objects. But this time, it is different. Racing with a living being requires a special bond between two partners to succeed. The amazing story of horse racing brings a story of a woman and her extraordinary bond with her horse in a movie called Secretariat.
   Secretariat is based on a novel called Secretariat: The Making of a Champion
by William Nack. The movie is directed by Randall Wallace and is a drama. The
release date was October 8, 2010 and the running time is one hour and fifty-six
minutes. Made with Walt Disney Pictures, Secretariat is in the third in the box office
   Penny Chenery is played by Diane Lane and John Malkovich is assigned as the role of the veteran, Lucien Laurin. The role of Penny Chenery’s husband, Jack Tweedy is played by Dylan Walsh.
   In the movie, is about a woman named Penny Chenery takes over her father’s
economically troubled stable, which is called the Meadow Stable. Having no knowledge about horse riding, a veteran named Lucien Laurin helps Penny become familiar with tending horses and more acquainted with the horses. At this time period, men competed, but even with hardships of being judged as a female, Penny overcomes the struggles, and wins the race. Youjin Jeong (10) predicts, “I cansee that the movie will have many aspects of women’s rights. Watching the trailer, Perry
Chenery definitely stands out as a female character.”
   Camille Yong (10) believes that, “…the central theme of this movie is trying really hard in what you believe in. Taking risk and sacrificing things. Not giving up on your dreams and knowing that you can do the impossible.” Indeed Penny Chenery takes a risk as a proud woman to be able to reach her dreams. So Hee Chung (11) said “When people really try to understand or learn something with passion, they can enjoy and get benefit from whatever that is. Therefore, I think the central theme of this movie is that the willingness toward a goal of the person can determine the results.” Penny did enjoy learning more about horses and becoming passionate about them.
   The movie Secretariat can be watched with family and friends as it is an emotional and a touching film. With drama and suspense of racing, Secretariat gives the audience a powerful feeling of the bond between human and horse.