Red Dashes Out to Theatres

   On October 16th, many of West High’s students took the PSAT.  After a long examination, feelings of ‘exhaustion’ and being ‘brain-dead’ were apparent. To relieve themselves of these symptoms, some fled to the movie theater to find enjoyment in watching a show. One movie that was especially popular was Red, an action- filled film starring actors Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.
   Released just last week and based on a comic book series, Red has earned acclaim; earning 2nd place in the box office according to It tells the story of a retired CIA agent returning back to the ‘line of duty’ with his friends to defeat an enemy.
   Melody Nguyen (11) believed the movie was well- written and she especially enjoyed the action scenes. “I didn’t expect the movie to be this good but it was awesome. It is definitely one to watch with your friends after a long and stressful week at school.” Nguyen went more into detail talking about the history behind the movie. “I never would have guessed that it was a comic book series. That to me was very surprising. Also, putting together a cast like that and making it work was impressive and I think the director, Robert Schwentke, deserves credit for making it work.”
   Duy Anh Dang (11), on the other hand, thought that while the movie appeared exciting in the commercial, he was not interested at all. “Even though the movie is rather unconventional, it is still rather predictable in the plot.” Despite this, he encouraged other students to watch it since “it is one of the few times that you see [old] actors/actresses beating up other people.” Whatever the case, Red has certainly made its mark on West High students and will hopefully entertain and captivate more in the near future.