Celebrities Crossword: Who knew?


Crossword Credit: Sravya Kotha

Sravya Kotha, Staff Artist/ Writer


Crossword Credit: Sravya Kotha
Crossword Credit: Sravya Kotha


1. Actress famous for Spiderman’s love interest Gwen Stacy, convinced her parents to let her move to Hollywood by making a PowerPoint presentation. (2 Words)
4. Despite this actor’s many unique fantasy characters and hit movies, he has not won a single Oscar. (2 Words)
13. Actor and director, in movies such as “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “Ghost Rider,” owned a pet octopus. (2 Words)
15. His first name was inspired by the famous da Vinci because his mother felt her baby kick for the first time when she was standing in front of his portrait in Florence, Italy. (2 Words)
16. First presenter of Oscars 2014, was voted as “most talkative” in seventh grade and graduated two years early from high school with an impressive 3.9 GPA. (2 Words)
18. When she was 8 years old, an agent contacted this actress’s parents after seeing her perform in her elementary school’s Christmas play. (2 Words)
20. Actor who recently died in a car crash, began modeling at age two and even appeared in a Pampers commercial. (2 Words)
21. This actress and singer was named Destiny Hope but was given the nickname Smiley, which evolved to ___. (2 Words)
2. Known as “King of Pop,” adopted his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, from a Texan cancer clinic when he was three. (2 Words)
3. Actor famous for “Don Jon” and “The Dark Knight Rises” was a paparazzi for a day and started to record the paparazzi that were taking pictures of him. (3 Words)
5. Known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” was actually a natural blonde. (2 Words)
6. Was on “Mickey Mouse Club House” with co-stars, Brittney Spears and Ryan Gosling when they were all kids. (2 Words)
7. One of America’s founding fathers owned a pet dog named Satan. (2 Words)
8. The lady who skipped kindergarten and second grade as a child, now has a talk show named after her and voiced Tiana’s mother in “The Princess and the Frog.” (2 Words)
9. Actress in movies such as “Salt” and “The Tourist” has a hobby of collecting knives and first edition books. (2 Words)
10. One of the greatest political activists and leaders of America, was also a huge Star Trek fan. (3 Words)
11. Wrote the book “Green Eggs and Ham” to have a bet with his publisher. (2 Words)
12. Actor from “Silver Linings Playbook,” wanted to be a ninja when he was a kid. (2 Words)
14. His father is white, but he is a Jamaican songwriter and singer. (2 Words)
17. Not only did this singer graduate high school with a choir major at the Professional Performing Arts School of Manhattan at age 16, she was valedictorian. (2 Words)
19. Founder of Pixar, became vegan after his trip to India and becoming Buddhist. (2 Words)
Crossword Credit: Sravya Kotha
Crossword Credit: Sravya Kotha