Senior Spotlight: Kaiawe Miyasato


Kaiawe Miyasato (12) can almost always be found with a pair of drumsticks and a set of drums. Though he’s been playing since childhood, Miyasato gained a love for performing through his experiences at West High, and hopes to continue performing the drums after graduation. Photo Courtesy of Kaiawe Miyasato (12).

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer

   Drum roll, please! Kaiawe Miyasato (12) has been playing the drums since age five, and credits his experiences throughout his journey at West High for his ever growing passion. As a senior this year, Miyasato was able to take this passion to the next level, taking the position as the drummer of alternative-rock band, The Avenues.   

   For Miyasato, being a part of West High Entertainment Unit Drum Line has helped him grow as a drummer immensely. “It’s a different kind of drumming from a drum set,” he notes. “Drum line has helped me with loving to perform for others… and I get to play with people that enjoy [playing the drums] as much as I do.”

   Miyasato also explores drumming outside of school. This past summer, he joined a DCI (Drum Corps International) open classroom called Gold Drum and Bugle Corps. In this experience, players go on tour, learn/perform songs, and even get to compete. “It was through this experience, when I realized I really want to keep drumming,” Miyasato smiled. 

   Since seventh grade, Miyasato has found himself in and out of bands, these bands accounting for a lot of Miyasato’s drumming experience. Earlier this year, however, he was able to form The Avenues. Miyasato described his experience forming the band: “We just got a bunch of people that we knew could play instruments… it’s been super fun!” Being the drummer of the band, he’s been able to spend more time doing what he enjoys most. 

   Once or twice a week, Miyasato finds himself in the comforting space of his band’s practice. Although a senior faced with the infamous “senioritis”, he’s been able to balance schoolwork and drum practice quite well. The school workload is inevitable, but Miyasato is always able to overcome it (after practice, that is). “I make [drumming] more of a priority sometimes,” he laughed. “I’d rather be here practicing than at home.”

   With such a burning passion, playing the drums is definitely something Miyasato plans on continuing in the future, dreaming of pursuing the instrument as a career. “I would love to be able to get paid to do what I love,” he said. “I just began to play gigs… It’d be great to have that be my whole life.”

   As West High sends Miyasato off with the graduating Class of 2022, off with him goes our wishes of good luck! But before that departure, you can support Kaiawe Miyasato as a drummer in the many performances by The Avenues.