“Masqued” DIY

Masqued DIY

Sravya Kotha, Staff Artist/ Writer

   Looking for ways to save up for Prom but still look your best? Try this elegant and creative DIY mask from cutoutandkeep.net. You can customize it the way you want and make it a perfect final touch to your masquerade look! Here’s what you need to get started:



  • Lace mask template

  • Saran wrap (enough to cover half your face)

  • Permanent marker

  • Non-stick/parchment paper/wax paper

  • Spray paint/nail polish in color of your choice

  • Hot glue gun and sticks

  • Fabric glue

  • Lace/any other fabric

  • Scissors

  • Cutter

  • Embellishment materials (sequins, feathers, buttons, glitter, etc.)


  1. If you have a lace mask template ready, move on to step 3. If not, start by putting the saran wrap on your face. Breathe in so that it sticks directly to your skin.

  2. Indicate with a permanent marker how you want your mask to fit your face.

  3. Take off saran wrap and lay it out on a flat surface. Draw your desired template.

  4. Take a piece of non-stick/parchment paper/wax paper and put it on top of your template. Your template should be visible through the paper.

  5. Use your glue gun to trace the template onto the non-stick paper. If you messed up, use the cutter to trim off the parts.

  6. When the glue dries, peel it off the non-stick paper.

  7. Flip it over so that the flat side is facing you and apply fabric glue all over it. Stick your fabric, lace, or netting and wait until it dries.

  8. Cut away excess fabric from eyeholes and any visible threads on the edges.

  9. Run the mask under hot water to make it bend easily. Quickly mold it to the shape of your face, pressing down into the sides of the nose and wherever else. Hold it in place until it dries.

  10. Spray your mask with spray paint and wait until it dries again, or use nail polish if you want to make it colorful.

  11. Rhinestones? Sequins? Glitter? Add whatever else you like.


 Here’s a simple example of the finished product:

mask 1