Boys Basketball Plays for the Team and the Wins

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

During this Boys Varsity Basketball season, players have endured several tough games and rough practices. But for Stefan Inouye (11), a game face is always seen on the basketball court.

For some, sports are considered as a side activity or hobby that relieves stress. But it is definitely the opposite for Inouye. Playing basketball since the first grade, Inouye could never imagine life without such an intense sport. He commented, “Playing the sport throughout elementary and middle school years, I always had the dream of becoming the next Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan like many others. But when I reached high school, I immediately realized that I was not one of the best anymore.” With this in mind, he continued living his humble approach to basketball as he got older.

Inouye discovered that the competition only got better as he matured, which motivated him to be more successful on the court. He made Junior Varsity his freshman year, but found himself “sitting on the benches behind a transfer student from Long Beach during multiple games.” This only motivated him to improve in many areas in order to make Varsity in his sophomore year. The fact was that Inouye was extremely competitive because of the hundreds of thousands of people reaching for the same dream of basketball. In return for his dedication to the sport, Inouye became a starting a Varsity Basketball starting guard.

With Coach Paul Nitake and Coach Uchida always guiding his directions on the court, Inouye always respected them as his mentors. “The coaches would often put me through two-hour practices during the summer and intense sessions in the weight room. But Coach Harvey Kitani ignited my flame of passion for this game. He’s taught me everything I know about basketball and truly molded into a better player.” He also remarks that his success is not solely due to himself, but his supportive family and friends. “I honestly appreciate my parent’s support, especially when they let me stay in the gym with my coaches to three in the morning.”