West High’s Giving Day


Art/Photo by Sullivan Kolakowski

West High’s Giving Day was a total success. Twenty-seven thousand dollars were fundraised all thanks to everyone who donated and participated. “It’s a blessing to be at this school and it’s nice to know we are so well supported by the community,” Coach Butler expressed.

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

   What better way to start May than with Warrior Pride? On May 4 and 5, West High had a goal of fundraising “24k in 24 hours” to renovate the weight room. This campaign was initiated by the athletic director Coach Druten. Flyers, pictures, and videos were posted all over social media to call each person in and outside the Torrance community to help come true West High’s long overdue dream. “We needed some money and I saw that local colleges were doing these Giving Days to raise money . . . so I thought, let’s try it out,” Coach Druten commented. 

   What started out as an idea out of the blue, became an event that not only helped to reach a goal but brought together current and former West High students for Warrior Pride. “We’re in the process of rebranding West High and getting back that Warrior Pride . . . and it’s easier to be proud of where you come from when you have nice equipment and infrastructure,” Coach Butler shared. The new equipment is also a way for athletes to know that the whole school supports them. Warrior Pride is a feeling generated by the students, and what better way to ignite this feeling than by supporting the athletic department. 

   The new weight room will include all brand new weights, bars, benches, platforms, and racks. In this new weight room, athletes will lift heavier weights and perform better. “I was stoked when I saw the new equipment we are getting . . . every person who contributed deserves a huge thanks. The Warrior community appreciates it!” football player Tyler Schappatha (11) expressed. Definitely, the pride this new equipment will make students feel will carry over and they will find more excitement in the school. 

   Twenty-four thousand dollars in twenty-four hours seemed almost impossible to many. But the Warrior community has touched many lives over the years and it all was shown on Giving Day. West High raised twenty-seven thousand dollars and students and staff could not be more grateful. A slightly different May the 4 but certainly one to remember. 

   A special shout-out goes to Coach Druten because none of this would have been possible without his unwavering support and hard work towards this dream. “His energy, his enthusiasm, and efforts really did the drive and force behind this,” Coach Butler added. The whole athletic department, student body, and staff would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who donated and participated on Giving Day. “This was a group effort . . . you haven’t donated money, what you have done is you have donated a dream,” Coach Druten expressed.